InsopLife is a new and original health, wellness and fitness company specializing in innovative CBD research and product development.

InspoLife brings over 60 years of experience in nutrition innovation into the rapidly evolving cannabidiol space. InspoLife is implementing pharmaceutical standards into production, traceability, and independent lab-tested, next-level consumer CBD products.

This new and evolving cannabidiol segment is set to explode and InspoLife is creating higher standards to deliver you the purest and most effective, small-batch, handcrafted CBD products available anywhere in the world.

From the Soil . . .

It all starts in the earth. Rich, natural, fertil soil. No pesticides, just the clean purity of organically grown hemp. Colorado hemp. High elevation, crisp mountain air with just the right amount of moisture. Hot days and cold nights.

Carefully selected hemp seeds that produce a plant high in cannabidiol, but also rich in all the phytocannabinoids and active turpins. Our farms produce premium organic Colorado hemp that yields the highest and most effective active CBD content.


Mountain Pure

The rich Colorado soil comes to life when fed by the pure mountain snow as it melts into springwater. Our hemp fields are irrigated with pure mineral-rich Rocky Mountain springwater. This pure, mineral-rich nectar produces hemp plants unmatched anywhere in the world. 

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